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Our professional staff has over 30 years of experience creating innovative development concepts and providing cost-effective design solutions in a timely manner. RAUCH inc.'s site development engineers have a diverse range of capabilities to handle the most complex development projects. From the initial planning and layout through the permitting, approvals and construction phases, the qualified staff at RAUCH inc. provides clients with top quality site development services.

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Our Services

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Civil Engineering is the backbone of RAUCH inc. Our qualified staff can move a successfully designed project through planning, permitting and approvals, and construction in a timely and cost-effective manner.


RAUCH inc. provides a wide array of surveying & mapping services utilizing the latest in technology. By combining conventional and modern surveying techniques, we can capture site data in a variety of ways.


By providing architectural services alongside civil engineering and surveying, we can offer more efficient project management and streamline the overall design process. This translates to a higher quality product and financial savings to our clients.

Drone Services

We have been utilizing drones in the construction industry since 2014. Our licensed pilots have several years experience processing both traditional aerial and sUAS data, and our in-house experts always verify the results so inaccurate data never gets passed on to the client.

Construction Management

With an emphasis on owner representation, RAUCH inc. provides its clients professional expertise in contracts, scheduling, and on-site inspection to ensure that the owners' interests are properly protected and projects are completed on time.

Public Works

As Town Engineer, RAUCH inc. administers all municipal construction projects, provides civil design services, and reviews and approves all proposed new development projects to ensure compliance. Services are provided on an as-needed basis for better control of limited municipal budgets.

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Our Latest Projects, Press, and Announcments

    Jake Laureska Appointed to Town Planning Commission

    Congrats to Jake Laureska, AIA on his unanimous appointment to the Town of Easton Planning Commission! As a native of Talbot County and a resident of Easton, Jake brings unique perspective to the complex growth issues of the Town. He has served on the Talbot County Historic Preservation Commission and appreciates the unique historic character of our town. Jake offers architectural experience to steer future growth that creates responsible development while enhancing our progressive arts, entertainment and commercial businesses.


Endless Opportunities

Amazing things happen when people, ideas and perspectives connect. RAUCH inc. is always looking for forward thinking leaders, contact us today to see how we can grow together for a greener future.

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