Pier and Bulkhead Repairs, Boat Ramp Installation and Dredging Project

1st and 2nd Avenue Pier and Bulkhead Repairs and Boat Ramp Installation

Project Description

RAUCH inc. has been contracted to provide Construction Management and Inspection services for necessary pier and bulkhead repairs at the Town’s 1st and 2nd Avenue docks.  Most of the project components are being completed with DNR Chesapeake and Coastal Service Waterway Improvement funding and contract award is expected in the fourth quarter 2021.  

Queenstown Boat Ramp and Parking Improvements includes installation of the Owner Purchased precast boat ramp sections, associated shoreline protection, and parking improvements.  

Repairs to the Piers and Infrastructure located at the south ends of 1st/2nd Avenues  includes milling/paving, replacement of wood decking, replacement of wood cap boards, minor utility work for dock water supply, grass pavers, and other associated work. 

Dredging services will inlude mobilization and dredging of 662 CY of material with landfill disposal. 

RAUCH inc. is currently working with the town on contractor selections(s), pre-construction meetings and notices-to-proceed.

Project Details

  • Dates of Service: 2021-22
  • Design, Construction Management and Inspection Services
  • Pier and Bulkhead Repairs, Boat Ramp Installation and Dredging