RAUCH inc. is hiring for several Engineering full-time positions based in our Easton, MD home office. Collaborate and team in a productive family atmosphere!

Landscape Architect to advise on, plan, design and oversee the creation, regeneration, and development of external land areas such as gardens and recreational areas for comprehensive residential, industrial, and commercial sites. This involves creation of landscapes, plans and designs based on client and team input. RAUCH inc. projects cover a range of project types, from parks, gardens, housing, and industrial complexes to individual homes. The candidate must be skilled in use of GIS, CAD, and other design applications to create aesthetically pleasing and environmentally sound plans.

Structural Engineer to design and assess buildings, bridges, and other types of commercial, industrial, and residential structures. This includes building 2D and 3D models using computer-aided design technology such as AutoCAD and measuring and calculating loads and presses to secure structural soundness. The engineer will be expected to build structures based on technical specifications and choose appropriate materials to ensure durability. The role requires great analytical and mathematical skills to conduct accurate calculations. Budgeting and project management are also important job components.  The role requires collaborating with contractors and guiding construction workers onsite as well as teaming with in-house engineers, architects, and construction management teams.

Wastewater Engineer  with a diverse background and extensive technical experience and client interaction in wastewater infrastructure projects. Projects encountered will include  conveyance and wastewater collection systems evaluation and design projects (preliminary/detailed).  The position will lead water/wastewater engineers and technicians and manage infrastructure projects of various sizes utilizing current technology, techniques, engineering theory.

We offer a competitive salary & benefits package, a great family atmosphere and the opportunity to grow. These positions are for our Easton, MD office.

More extensive job descriptions available.  Send resumes to: liz@raucheng.com