Architectural & Engineering Design and Construction Management

BAAM Academic Center Design and Construction Management

Project Description

RAUCH inc. is providing architectural and engineering design services to Building African American Minds for the construction of a new 28,715 sf charter school to accommodate 200 students, located in Easton, MD. The school is planned be adjacent to the existing BAAM Athletic Center. This included analysis of this proposed one-story vs. two-story school building for grades pre-K-8, including all primary programmatic elements of a school facility including, classrooms, science labs, art and music rooms, cafeteria, multipurpose and lounge areas, library, administrative offices, restrooms, and building and mechanical systems planning. The feasibility study has progressed to a current contract for full-phase engineering and architectural design, along with construction management services for a three-story building. RAUCH inc. assessed parking facilities for school staff as required by the Town of Easton’s Zoning Ordinance as well as site circulation to access adjacent existing BAAM recreation facility and parking spaces. The concept is for a community-school, with a holistic approach to a student’s life, encompassing finance, physical and mental health, studies, and social development.

Project Details

  • Dates: 2020-2023
  • Location: Easton, MD
  • Pre-design for a new charter school to accommodate 200 students.