Expertise  /  Environmental Services

Environmental Site Design and Assessments

  • Septic Design and Construction Management
  • Wetlands Delineation & Permitting
  • Forest Conservation Plans
  • Living Shoreline Design & Installation Management
  • Stream & Waterway Restoration
  • Phase 1 & Phase 2 Environmental Assessments
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling & Environmental Monitoring
  • Sediment & Erosion Control Measurements
  • Buffer Management Plans
  • Environmental Consultation

How our team can assess your property

Our qualified enviromental team can aid in your next property purchase, with investigations and design of your site specifics.  We provide review of the county health department records to gather planning information. This information can help find:

  • The age of the current system (found on the sanitary construction permit),
  • Any previous notes (answers could already be there e.g. email from an official that there is no established SRA = Perc Test is required if potential owner looking to increase # of bedrooms),
  • The location of the system to help perform a quick visual inspection

Our team is trained to note red flags in our investigations such as:

  • Review of the construction application showing install date, bedroom equivalency, compared to how many bedrooms currently exist – which could cause legal issues, and location of system
  • Systems over 20 years old are always of concern, due to current MDE requirements.
  • If the system ever backed up into the house

Onsite evaluations and inspections can provide useful information to our qualified technicians. If  a location is found for the site drainfield:

  • The most obvious concern is green, spongy grass around the septic tank or drainfields;
  • Are there trees in close proximity <20′ to system, root intrusion can crack pipes
  • Is there a driveway across the drainfield
  • Are vehicles parked there? If drains are slow, this could be due to the system backing up

With our years of site investigations and reputation for problem-solving with local, regional and state regulatory entities, our team often finds creative solutions to the most complex site issues.


 We can provide design and coordinate installation of a variety of septic systems including:

  • Best Available Technology for Nitrogen Removal (BAT) Systems.
  • Conventional
  • Sand Mound
  • Innovative and Alternative

Need a septic system assessment?