Engineering Studies for Septic System Elimination

Villages of Fairbank and Bar Neck Septic Elimination Preliminary Engineering Report

Project Description

RAUCH inc. was chosed for the development of preliminary engineering and environmental reports to study and outline alternatives and to determine feasibility of septic system eliminations in this region of the County. The report provides comprehensive recommendations for eliminating septic systems within the Villages of Bar Neck and Fairbank, Talbot County, MD.

The crux of this report is the identification of valid alternatives for the collection and conveyance of wastewater from the Fairbank and Bar Neck communities and realistic assessment of the associated community development, private property use, sewer construction, sewer operation, and project environmental impacts. Our team evaluatde the overall project planning area, known site constraints,  existing facilities and established a need for the project. A present worth analysis was provided for all alternatives discussed which included a detailed cost estimate. In addition, RAUCH inc. quantified the value of TMDL reductions to reduce County nutrient caps, providing economic value. Best alternatives include options for integration with the County’s Master Plan for future planning objectives and additional growth.

Project Details

  • Dates of Service: 2021-22
  • Preliminary Engineering and Environmental Reports for Septic System Eliminations