Wastewater Treatment Plant Design Engineering

Ferry Point Wastewater Treatment Plant Engineering and Architectural Design and Future Construction Management

Project Description

Engineering design services for the construction of a new MBR Wastewater Treatment System with a design hydraulic capacity of 15,000 gallons per day (gpd). Services to include designing sewer lines, force mains and all necessary MEP engineering and appurtenances to connect to existing and future commercial entities in the area as well as construction of a pole-barn style building to house the plant.

The new MBR wastewater treatment system will be installed in an enclosed pole barn style building, or similar. The building housing the new wastewater plant will include an enclosed office, restroom, sink and toilet, testing equipment, composite sample, refrigerator, and lab bench with a sink. The MBR wastewater treatment system shall be capable of meeting Enhanced Nutrient Removal limitations and all other TMDL requirements established by the discharge permit issued by MDE. The MBR System will be designed with shellfish protection storage and emergency power, as well as an automatic dialing alarm system tied to the Talbot County Sanitary District. System design to include sewer lines and force mains to connect the existing and future commercial entities to the wastewater system serving the Ferry Point Area, using Goulds grinder pumps or like-in-kind, with controls and tanks. A service connection shall be provided to extend sewer via a low pressure sewer system to the nineteen (19) residential lots at a future date.

The contract has been expanded to include amendments to conclusions drawn from a previously drafted PER/ER report for the proposed plant. This includes engineering and geotechnical evaluations to update the PER report and provide best recommendations for discharge of the treated effluent.

Project Details

  • Dates of Service: 2021- ongoing
  • Engineering and Architectural Design, Future Construction Management, Inspection and Resident Project Representation Services
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Design