Garage Addition Schematic Design and Construction Documents

Garage Addition Design and Schematic Alternatives

Project Description

Design and construction detail for a two story garage structure, with an attachment to the exsting house via an enclosed breezeway.  First floor requirements included parking for up to four vehickles, with overhead garage doors, workbench space, a porch enclosure adjacent to an existing pool, with the potential to screen-in.  Additionally, a stairwell was provided to access the second floor, designed as an insulated and finished open space for storage.  Design challenges included retaining views from a first floor window on the east side of the house, proximity to an existing well, layout of the addition in relation to an existing driveway, massing to avoid over-powering the existing house and a change in materials from the existing house.  Several design alternatives were offered.

Project Details

  • Dates: 2018
  • Location: Easton, MD
  • Garage design and addition