Municipal Engineering 

RAUCH inc has an extensive history working with municipalities, with Bob Rauch serving as the first Director of Public Works for Talbot County, MD, creating county building codes, a county roads department and design and construction of three wastewater treatment plants, (2) master water and sewer plan updates and creation of county-wide public parks. RAUCH inc. provides public works engineering to small municipalities that do not have full time professional staff: Queenstown, Federalsburg, Hebron, & St. Michaels, MD. As Town Engineer, RAUCH inc. administers all municipal construction projects, provides civil design services, and reviews and approves all proposed new development projects for compliance with design standards and environmental regulations. RAUCH inc. reports directly to the Town Commissioners and administrative staff. Town Engineer services are provided on an as-needed basis for better control of limited municipal budgets.

  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Pumping Stations, Water & Sewer Infrastructures
  • Municipal Roads & Utility Upgrades
  • Public Landings & Marinas
  • Municipal Buildings & Museums
  • Stream Restoration
  • Public Parks

Selected Municipal Projects:

Talbot County/Town of Easton

  • Michaels Phase V Sewer Rehabilitation, St. Michael’s, MD
  • Michaels Lee Street Sewer Master Plan
  • Tilghman Island Drainage projects
  • Glebe & Unionville Rd. Improvements
  • Town of Oxford Drone Services
  • Survey Projects: Chapel Road, Dutchman’s Lane, Port & Bay Sts.
  • BRA Projects: Homerun Baker, Thornton, Bellevue, Wittman, Ingleton, Claibourne Landing, Glebe Villa, Neavitt, Oak Creek
  • Grace & Thompson Street upgrades: Town of St. Michaels
  • Sidewalk & curb replacements: Town of St. Michaels
  • Freemont St. parking lot design.
  • Permitting: Neavitt, Ingleton, Wittman, Bellevue, Oak Creek, Homerun Baker
  • Bioretention area retrofit: Town of Easton
  • 3D rendered model: WWTP for Town of Trappe as upgrade to existing

Queen Anne’s County, Queenstown, MD

  • Project management for new $11M WWTP
  • (3) major development projects
  • Drainage studies
  • GIS model for town
  • Del Rhodes Avenue Pumping station, water system and well building improvements.
  • Paving: Melvin & Aker Ave.

Caroline County, Federalsburg, MD

  • Stormwater Management Master Plan
  • Railroad Avenue – paving and drainage issues
  • Marshyhope Creek – creation of stormwater management structures for elimination of pollution sources in Marshyhope Creek.
  • Nuttles Pumping Station- Project management for rehab of existing pump station
  • GIS model for town
  • Concrete curb and sidewalk replacements.