Clean Bay Renewables

Clean Bay Render

Project Scope:  Overall project construction management for $50M renewable energy facility. Engineering and project management fees for single facility: $1.4M; Contracted for 4 facilities.

Locations:  Princess Anne, MD  Various Other.

RAUCH inc serves as the Project Lead for the Engineering Design, Procurement and construction (EPC) for all proposed facilities. This includes bidding, permitting and construction of all buildings for Clean Bay Renewable Energy Facility Campus in Somerset, MD. Upon completion, the 130 acre campus will utilize anaerobic digestion technologies to provide enough renewable electricity to sustain its own parasitic needs and provide 9 megawatts of power to the existing grid, enough to power a small town. In addition, the facility will provide over 10,000 tons of fertilizer pellets and 10,000 tons of a soil amendment product yearly to consumers nationwide. This system is 100% closed and capable of recycling the entire feedstock delivered daily.

RAUCH inc is under contract for four additional facilities.


Discipline:  Renewable Energy Technologies