Residential Golf Course Community

Heritage Shores

Project Description

RAUCH inc. is currently involved in the development of the third & fourth phase of Heritage Shores – a 2,000 unit residential/golf course community in Bridgeville, DE. RAUCH inc. has completed engineering design services for Phase 1, 2, 3A & 3B of the development. Design work during these phases included: grading, storm drainage, water, sewer, stormwater management and sediment control. Specific stormwater management aspects of the project include development of a stormwater management plan to address preliminary phasing assumptions and general runoff assumptions for the future residential areas, per current Sussex Conservation standards. This plan focuses on the re-direction of stormwater to the existing stormwater management pond system. RAUCH inc. performed the necessary calculations of pre- and post development stormwater runoff to produce models for design of the drainage areas within established times of concentration, runoff curve numbers, and all stormwater passageways, including sheet flow, channel flow and pipe flow. Runoff flow rates and volumes were calculated for the 1 year, 2 year, 10 year, and 100 year storm events. Preliminary grades were established to determine site fill and building pad elevation requirements to avoid flooding during a 100 year storm event. A preliminary storm drain layout was proposed to ensure the site will drain and exceed the minimum drainage slope requirements,  RAUCH inc. is currently designing a biochip reactor and micro bio retention area for the fourth phase of the project. Current phase work includes civil engineering design services, storm water management, sediment control, utility design, hydrology and project management. RAUCH inc. is focused on as-built documentation of public infrastructure and providing asset management to the Town and developer. This is an ongoing phased project.

Project Details

  • Date: 2012-2020 – Ongoing Phase Project
  • Engineering design services
  • Goal is to re-direct stormwater to the existing stormwater management pond system