Jensen’s Hyde Park Pump Station

Project Scope: Engineering Design services for failing lagoon system and annexation of property into the Town of Easton.

Location:  Easton, MD

RAUCH inc designed pumps to carry wastewater to the Town’s collection system due to a failing lagoon system in residential community. RAUCH inc. brokered the Annexation of the property into the Town of Easton sewer system.

RAUCH inc lead the engineering design services associated with the Hyde

Park wastewater solution and the related annexation into the Town of Easton. Undeveloped lands adjacent to the existing Hyde park community were included in the recent annexation and are available for a 120+ lot expansion (Future Phase). John D. Hynes provided tests on fill, billing and inorganic material. Also, includes organic content tests.

Future Phase to include:

  • Survey of existing conditions in 1′ intervals
  • soils investigations
  • wetland delineations
  • habitat and historical inventories

Preliminary subdivision layout and concept plan and meeting of zoning requirements for the site will be researched.  A preliminary stormwater management design will be completed as well as a preliminary water design and sanitary sewer design.


Discipline: Water, Wastewater and Pump Stations