Swan Point Community Development

Project Scope:  Site design, sediment control, utility design and stormwater management; ENR upgrade

Location:  Charles County, MD

RAUCH inc. represents Brookfield Residential Properties in developing Environmental Site Design (ESD) to the Maximum Extent Practicable (MEP) through the combined use of bio-retention areas and grass swales. Closed street sections with associated storm sewer were used to  effectively manage storm water runoff and direct flow to proposed stormwater management devices. The site’s environmental constraints, including wetlands buffers, protected species habitat, 100 year floodplain, seasonal high water table, and flat terrain, limited ESD choices and locations. Bioretention areas were chosen as the preferred method of addressing ESD requirements due to their effectiveness in treating stormwater runoff, as well as their natural vegetated appearance that was compatible  with the proposed site’s natural aesthetics. RAUCH inc. prepared grading and erosion control drawings, specifications and details, storm drainage details, specifications, and calculations and various construction and as-built drawings including design drawings of water and sanitary sewer connection and service plans for the townhouse lots and anticipated connections to nearest available water and sewer mains.

Additionally, a preliminary storm drain layout was developed to ensure the site will drain and exceed the minimum drainage slope requirements to avoid flooding during the 100 year storm event. This project also required surveying the locations of all improvements associated with the development of the Townhouse section, including water and sewer improvements, roads and all improvements  within the right of way, drainage and grading, and stormwater  management  facilities including ponds, ditches, culverts, and inlets. To accomplish the goal of keeping cost performance and scheduling performance within project budgets and design estimates, RAUCH inc. incorporated value engineering. This value engineering included utilizing existing infrastructure, optimizing  existing  storm  water  runoff  conditions  and  designing  specification alternatives.



Discipline:  Comprehensive Community Development