Town of Queenstown, MD Wastewater Treatment Plant

Project Scope:  Project management and contract administration services in the design of a new $11M 200,000 gallons per day ENR wastewater treatment plant.

Location: Queenstown, MD

The Town of Queenstown contracted RAUCH inc. for providing project management and contract administration services in the design of a new multi-million dollar 200,000 gallons per day ENR wastewater treatment plant to improve the quality of the treated wastewater from the Town of Queenstown. This dedicated plant is intended to assist in the elimination of municipal sources of pollution to the Little Queenstown Creek. This plant is also being constructed to accommodate the current and future wastewater flow for the Town, to include the seasonal disposal of treated wastewater to the Queenstown Harbor Golf Course. Close coordination with the contractor and sensitivity to citizen and municipal concerns were essential for the successful completion of the project. Our extensive experience with project management, coupled with our working knowledge of design, construction and public works projects, enabled completion of the project on time and on budget. Many duties were assumed while assuming the role of project manager, some of which included administering of the construction contract, maintaining communication with the contractor, engineer, municipal and state officials, scheduling progress and site visit meetings, maintaining and monitoring the project construction schedule, initiating the permit process, and collecting the necessary as-built information at certain intervals during the project’s progression. RAUCH inc. was also responsible for the field work and construction of the infrastructure to design grades and alignment. Additionally, RAUCH inc. was asked to complete a capacity management report in order to facilitate the process for monitoring plant capacity and determining available additional connections, based on the average flows of the three most current years of operations. A secondary goal of this report was to determine the available capacity of the plant so that a plan of action can be proposed to help eliminate inflow and improve operations. This report was also necessary in determining if any necessary hook-ups need to be approved prior to the completion of the new plant and to assist in determining if a connection to the existing plant for a limited amount of flow would be a feasible option as a phased approach to allow the new plant to accommodate the ultimate flow requirements of the project and eliminate the need for a separate plant. Our broad breadth of experience in all facets of construction management and project administration ensured the proper handling of construction contracts, construction claims, project scheduling, and grants administration. As the construction and project manager, RAUCH inc. also coordinated all aspects of the contract, change orders, grant requests and construction claims, which included close coordination between the Town, the Town’s attorney and the engineer during the design process to assure that the bidding and contracting with the general contractor was conducted in the best interests of the Town.


Discipline: Water, Wastewater & Pump Stations