Tred Avon Square Shopping Center Rehabilitation & Reface

Project Description:  Project Management and Engineering for Shopping Center rehabilitation project.

Location:  Easton, MD

Shopping center was evaluated to determine the sections of existing paving, hardscape, and landscape that would be redesigned to promote better pedestrian and vehicular circulation through the Center. The entire asphalt parking lot received a 2” mill and overlay. This project focused on the milling and resurfacing of specified roads, demolition and replacement of curbs and sidewalks, and landscaping and drainage improvements. RAUCH inc. was contracted to evaluate and determine the sections of existing paving, hardscape and landscape that would be redesigned to promote better pedestrian and vehicular circulation throughout the Center. To accomplish the project’s scope of work, RAUCH inc. assumed numerous project management roles, the most important of which was to manage the construction process for shopping center projects from beginning to grand opening and individual retail tenant openings. The roof inspection and evaluation reporting portion of the contract entailed conducting the roof inspections of the shopping center, compiling inspection data and generating the roof evaluation report. Financial responsibilities included developing initial cost estimates, coordinating the general contractor procurement process, reviewing and approving all contractor applications for payment, coordinating and maintaining budgets, detailed cost reports, projections and schedules, processing and tracking development costs and preparing monthly construction draws with accounting staff. Various coordination and negotiation efforts were also assumed, including working with the A&E team to prepare site plans and building plans, soliciting and negotiating project proposals from third party professionals, working with GGC leasing staff and tenant coordinator to review and comment on pending LOl’s, leases and tenant allowances, coordinate on-site owner, architect and contractor meetings, and negotiating contracts and change orders. As the overall project administrator, RAUCH inc. was also tasked with reviewing critical information such as soil reports, surveys, contract documents and submittals, meeting with architects, engineers, government agencies, tenants and contractors as required to ensure the project is moving forward within the approved budget and timeline, preparing project update reports as required by third parties, and reporting project status at senior staff meetings.

Discipline:  Shopping Center Rehabilitation