WaWa Elkton, MD

Project Scope:  Civil/Site Engineering Services and stormwater management for the proposed Wawa convenience store and gas station.

Location:  Elkton, MD

A stormwater management plan was prepared to manage the stormwater from the proposed site. This plan conformed to MDE’S environmental design to the maximum extent practicable runoff management requirement. In this project, stormwater management BMP’s were sized and designed to meet the stormwater management quantity and quality requirements for the proposed site.

Specific stormwater management tasks included:

  • compiling existing conditions information and site constraints to model the existing and proposed condition SWM plan,
  • ensuring compliance with the requirements of the Town’s zoning ordinance,
  • analyzing previously completed soils reports for the proposed site to confirm the site’s water table elevation and soil conditions,
  • calculating pre & post development stormwater runoff flow rates and volumes to produce the pre & post development runoff models for the 1 year, 2 year, 10 year, and 100 year storm events
  • proposing preliminary grading and an onsite storm drainage layout in order to determine site fill and building pad elevation requirements to avoid flooding during the 100 year storm event and to ensure the site will drain and exceed the minimum drainage slope requirements.

In addition, the proposed site was modeled in HydroCAD to check for conformance to SHA requirements for flooding of SHA infrastructure and Right of Ways during the 100 year storm event. During this project, RAUCH inc. also prepared a site development plan for the Town’s Planning and Zoning Commission to include all required parking, required building size, curbs, gutters, parking/driveway surfaces, and all necessary setbacks and buffers. Specific design and construction drawings consisted of grading and erosion control drawings, specifications and details, storm drainage and detention plans, details, specifications, and calculations, water, fire line and sanitary sewer connection and service plans for the site, landscape design and irrigation plans, details, and specifications, and a Forest Conservation Plan to indicate the required landscape trees as defined in the Elkton Zoning ordinance. RAUCH inc. also provided professional expertise to secure all the required construction and plan approval permits related to the professional services rendered. To accomplish the goal of keeping cost performance and scheduling performance within project budgets and design estimates, RAUCH inc. incorporated value engineering utilizing existing infrastructure, optimizing existing storm water runoff conditions and designing specification alternatives.



Discipline: Civil Engineering