Shopping Center Stormwater Management and Paving Project

Queenstown Outlets Center

Project Description

Project Management, Design Engineering and Paving consultant services for remediation action for poor drainage outfall areas on the property site. Trench design factored in underground piping size, grading in problem areas to existing stormwater swale, sediment erosion control planning, offsite grading requirements, and determinations on existing electrical outlet locations. RAUCH inc. provided a scope for the repaving and implementing corrective actions to address the areas identified, including specifications on asphalt thickness, grading and drainage issues with corrective actions. Test rolling of surfaces was performed before and after engineering design to identify potential subgrade failures and traffic control and planning measures. Project Management services included developing a project schedule focusing on length of time to complete and most efficient hours of operation. The firm developed the RFP scope and bid requirements, including assuring warranties, developing bid evaluation criteria and submittal timelines and oversight of the bid process to identify the most qualified and cost-effective contractors. A traffic control plan was established, material verification processes were instituted and formal weekly progress inspection reports were issued.

Project Details

  • Date: 2016
  • Project Management, Design Engineering and Pacing Consultant Services
  • Developed a project schedule that focused on the length of time to complete and most efficient hours of operation.