Engineering Design for MBR Wastewater Treatment Plant

Recovery Centers of America

Project Description

Fo this 150 bed substance abuse center located in Cecil County MD, previously subdivided as Bracebridge Estates, RAUCH inc. provided the design, approval, and construction of a wastewater treatment facility. The WWTP was designed with a capacity of up to 20,000 gpd to treat wastewater to the groundwater discharge permit standards. Special emphasis was directed to reducing the concentrations of nitrogen and phosphorous associated with the groundwater disposal of the treated wastewater.

RAUCH inc. designed a small MBR WWTP capable of not only meeting the referenced GWDP limits, but also ENR limits. This is achieved through TMDL credits and trades from facilities with nitrogen and/or phosphorous credits. 

Engineering design included services to investigate the feasibility of a point discharge for the project and focused on the redevelopment of the existing manor house into an approximately 50 bed facility. Wastewater disposal for the entire project called for a community tile disposal field. 

Project Details

  • Date: 2015-2018
  • Engineering, Civil Site and Environmental Design Services