Smart Site Plan (TM)

Our firm has developed the most advanced asset management tool for engineering and construction purposes. While most firms are limited to sharing their design data with the client through hard copy prints or PDFs, we make our data available in a powerful interactive web app accessible anywhere.

Smart Site Plan (TM) is a full service software application that integrates a variety of useful open source software tools with project specific design, construction an

d as-built utility data. All of the information that a project manager, utility operator, construction manager​, and service technician needs is available on any hand-held device or office computer. Smart Site Plan (TM) is being used by several municipalities for the management of their extensive utility network.

Smart Site Plan (TM) is a real-time GIS model to track water, wastewater & storm utility lines, fire hydrants, cleanouts, water meters and other site-specific information for both municipalities and developers. This model offers the ability to locate these lines real-time, generate log reports and trouble tickets and upload needed site information such as plans, progress reports and problem areas for further review. The software is easily customized to specific task-oriented goals for a project.

As one of few certified Google Maps authorized vendors, we have incorporated existing and to-be built data on a real-time basis affording planners in the construction, design, maintenance, municipal and real estate fields, to design and plan real-time.


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