Golf Course Design

Planning, consulting, development and construction oversight for over 25 golf course projects, including country clubs, city clubs, specialty resorts and military bases. This has included marketing, general management, advertising and oversight of golf operations.

Areas of specialization:

  • Concept evaluation and analysis
  • New golf course design
  • Existing golf course renovation
  • Irrigation system design
  • Drainage and utility design
  • Project feasibility and market analysis
  • Operations evaluations and review
  • Operations management and administration
  • Project budgeting and financial planning
  • Architectural and project construction management

Phasing Approach:

Phase I:  Site and market research – onsite and historical operations analysis; existing facilities and site evaluation, market & environmental analysis.

Phase II:  Market/Utilization Analysis- Identify, quantify, and qualify the required scope of operations.  Market opportunity analysis and a prospective utilization analysis for the first five years of operation of the proposed facility.  Results form the basis for the development of a preliminary design (and scope) for the proposed facilities

Phase III:  Facility Design/Costing – Develop detailed site and facility concept recommendations and prepare a preliminary cost estimate.  Prepare site analysis and selection, preliminary facility programming, development of conceptual diagrams for the proposed site and facilities, and preparation of a project cost estimate.

Phase IV:  Investment Analysis – The final phase of the needs assessment process is the investment analysis.  This analysis is especially important for facilities, which must meet certain financial self-sufficiency criteria.