Talbot County, MD & Town of Easton, MD Municipal Projects

Select Projects:

  • Retrofitting of 2-Stage Drainage Ditch – Environmental Site Design (ESD) services to retrofit the 2-stage drainage ditch at the intersection of . The proposed drainage ditch improvements included taking the existing V-ditch and creating a 5′ bench within the swale to reduce flow velocities, increase storage capacity and increase nutrient removal capabilities. This Environmental Site Design promoted the removal of a greater amount of total suspended solids (TSS), nitrogen and phosphorus from the soil due in part to the planting roots absorbing a greater amount of nutrients. To accomplish the goal of keeping cost performance and scheduling performance within project budgets and design estimates, RAUCH inc. incorporated value engineering. This value engineering included utilizing existing infrastructure, optimizing existing storm water runoff conditions and designing specification alternatives.
  • ESD for woodchip bioreactors in existing drainage swales
  • Bioretention Area Retrofit into two sites in the Town of Easton.
  • Design and 3D rendered model for an 800,000 GPD Enhanced Nutrient Removal Wastewater Treatment Plant