Town Engineer – Town of Federalsburg, MD

RAUCH inc. serves as Town Engineer for the Town of Federalsburg, MD.  As Town Engineer the firm offers Civil Engineering design services for municipal roads and other improvement projects.

Select Town Projects:

  • Maple & Railroad Avenue – Correction of paving and drainage issues; CSO and water line replacement. 2014 -$1M road milling and repaving project for the Town of Federalsburg, which focused on approximately 1.5 miles (9,000 linear feet+/-) of specified town roads receiving milling and overlay rehabilitation, including the removal and replacement of curbs and sidewalks. This project encompassed developing a scope of work and RFP, preparing design drawings and cost estimates, receiving bids, providing recommendations for reward, and providing full project inspection and administration services. Specific scope of work included identifying pavement sub-grade failures, drainage issues, limits of concrete curb and sidewalk replacement, demolition of existing asphalt, curbs and gutters and driveway aprons, placing of new surfaces, striping, sediment erosion control and inlet protection, inspection and repair (as needed) of sub-grade, drainage swale reconstruction, surveying and test pitting of existing conditions and utility locations to include establishing grades, establishing control points and stakeout for new curbs, and testing, inspection and installation of road surfaces, driveway aprons, curbs, sidewalks and gutters. Specific project management included the establishment of a construction schedule, a schedule of values and a traffic control plan, and the preparation of submittal plans, records of testing and specifications.
  • Marshyhope Creek2013. Creation of stormwater management structures for the elimination of municipal sources of pollution to the nearby Marshyhope Creek. RAUCH inc. was consulted to address the correction of existing stormwater and sanitary sewer cross connections. Initiation of this project began with a comprehensive project on Maple Avenue. In addition to the removal of stormwater from the sanitary sewer collection system, the project provided for the correction of localized drainage problems and improvements to sub-standard streets. The project also introduced  stormwater  management  structures that will protect the Marshyhope Creek from stormwater  The final phase of this mission is the completion  of the Railroad Avenue Project. This project will remove the last remaining cross connections and will include long overdue street and drainage improvements. This project will also include the addition of stormwater management structures that will continue to improve the water quality of the Marshy Hope River. To accomplish the goal of keeping cost performance and scheduling performance within project budgets and design estimates, RAUCH inc. incorporated value engineering. This value engineering included utilizing existing infrastructure, optimizing existing storm water management structures and designing specification alternatives.
  • Nuttles Pumping Station Upgrade – Project Management & Construction Administration for the rehabilitation of the existing Nuttles Pump station including all concrete work, piping modifications & appurtenances, pumps, gratings, hatches, ladder, exhaust fan, associated electrical work and all other modifications necessary for the pump station upgrade. Project funded by MDE Water Quality Revolving Loan Fund.


Other Projects

  • Developed a GIS model for the town to map various water, wastewater & stormwater utility lines, fire hydrants, manholes, cleanouts and water meters currently existing with the town.
  • Project Management and construction administration for the rehabilitation of the existing Nuttles Pumping Station including all concrete work, piping modifications and appurtenances, pumps, gratings, hatches, ladders and associated electrical work. Funded by MDE Loan Fund.
  • Concrete curb and sidewalk replacement.
  • Creation of a stormwater management master plan -Confirmed the location, and sizes of all stormwater structures within the town limits. This information was compiled  from  existing  as-built  information  and field  run data collected on areas that do not have as-built data. Drainage areas were confirmed for all storm drain outfalls and hydraulic and hydrologic conditions were established as a background condition for  evaluating future development within the town. The Stormwater Master Plan identified areas where stringent stormwater management improvement requirements could be waived to permit feasible development and redevelopment projects. The study determined where implementation of the strict standards  was not feasible or would not have an adverse impact on the receiving waters. Efforts  resulted in full inventory  of the municipal stormwater  system  and full watershed analysis.