Watershed Study

Stormwater Management Master Plan

Project Description

RAUCH inc.’s grant team applied for and obtained funding to create a Stormwater Management Master Plan to address ongoing flooding and drainage issues in the town.

Intermittent regular flooding occurs due to the Town’s flat topography and inadequacy of outfall. Funding was utilized to create innovative stormwater management practices necessary to resolve this problem. Green ESD practices were developed for the areas of inadequate drainage. The resulting stormwater management plan serves as the enforcement plan for the town Stormwater Management Ordinance guiding waivers and new applications.

The Study results recommended engineering and land management practices that incorporate a number of development measures to mitigate or abate soil erosion, water quality degradation and flood risks. BMPs for Hebron included practices such as swales and detention and retention ponds. These approaches address stormwater through small, cost effective landscape features. Green conservation techniques also included green roofs, rain gardens, cisterns and other measures.

Design components included analyzation and survey of all stormwater outfalls and flooding areas, provision of design changes, identification of targeted retrofits, new design elements, identfification of areas for combination elements of new and retrofits and provision of LID (low impact design) solution options.

Project Details

  • Dates of Service: 2018
  • Survey, Design, and Plan preparation
  • Stormwater Management Master Planning