Architectural Retail Design Project


Verizon Wireless Retail Store

Project Description

RAUCH inc. provided archiectural and engineering design services for the construction of this new Verizon Wireless retail store. The Architectural & MEP teams worked directly with Verizon to bring their corporate design into compliance with local planning and zoning regulations. Comprehensive meetings with the owner established program, goals, design and aesthetic preferences. The project included the construction of a new 3,200 sf retail store to include customer service space, stocking room and handicap accessible restrooms. Pre-design phase included coordination with survey and civil engineers to establish project limitations relating to planning and zoning, site setbacks and restrictions, lot coverage, septic and current building codes. Our architectural team coordinated with structural and geotechnical engineers, to establish existing conditions as well as coordination with local and state jurisdictions on fire protection and building permitting. The Schematic Design phase provided initial concepts for approval, evolving into building plans and elevations. During Design Development staging, material, fixtures, appliances, millwork and trim selections were coordinated. Construction documents were prepared based on multiple owner coordination meetings that included a full set of architectural, structural, MEP, and Civil drawings with related specifications.

RAUCH inc. compiled the bid package for the general contractor, and met with the GC to discuss scope, and coordination of RFIs. The firm guided the permitting process and was available to all review agencies. The RAUCH inc. Architectural department oversaw the construction process including working to ensure the project stayed on budget and on schedule. RAUCH inc. oversaw project submittals and quality control with regular site visits and bi-weekly progress meetings with Owners and Contractors.

Project Details

  • Date: 2017, 2018
  • Architectural, MEP Design lead
  • Construction of a new 32,000 sf retail store