Water Tower, WEll and Disinfection Sytem Upgrades

Water System Upgrades

Project Description

RAUCH inc. provided support for the funding application through USDA RD programs to fund both the preliminary engineering and environmental report for the Town of Queenstown’s water system upgrades.  Full project approvals and notice-to-proceed has been issued by the Town for design and construction services to be completed in 2021-22.

The project includes engineering design services, bidding, construction administration and post-construction services, as well as Resident Project Inspection services for the project.  System components include a new well, treatment facility and water tower to be located south of Queenstown at the intersection of Del Rhodes Ave. and Friels Rd.  This includes connection to the existing Queenstown water network through replacement and new mains, and network upgrades to minimize areas with no current fire coverage. The work will include replacing the chlorine disinfection system at the Prime Outlet Center with a sodium hypochlorite system, removing the existing Wall Street tank and restoration of the tank site as well as modification of the watermain at the site.  The new system will create redundancy within the system and modernize outdated equipment.  The size of the replacement elliptical tower will accommodate 250,000 gals. and will be designed to be compatible with the existing Outlet Center 100,000 gal. tank.  The watermain replacements include 1700 ft. of new main, with 150 ft to be directionally drilled under Route 50.

RAUCH inc. completed all required PER/ER analysis reports, surveys, ROWs, including coordination with SHA. Conceptual models were converted to actual modes to support system design.  RAUCH inc. will also provide administrative services to the Town in all applicable submission requirements to USDA and Town officials.

Project Details

  • Dates of Service: 2019-2022
  • Design and future Construction Management Services
  • Water System Upgrades