Emergency Back-Up Generator

Water Tower Back-up Generator

Project Description

RAUCH inc. applied for Emergency funding from the Maryland Emergency Management Administration for provision of a backup generator to create redundancy for the town’s water tower.   An interruption in power to Tower would result in loss of water to critical emergency services, such as fire protection. The generator will provide redundancy for the Town to avoid any critical service failure.

Water flow is critical for the management of emergency town services, with focus on the fire department and other public works facilities, schools and commercial business and residential needs. The Town currently has no generator for the Water Tower. The generator will be located adjacent to the Water Tower.  Construction will involves installation of a concrete pad on which the generator will be placed, which will be within 30 feet of the transfer switch. Underground conduits will be trenched and a rack built for the transfer switch. 


Project Details

  • Dates of Service: 2021-22
  • Grant Administration Services
  • Water System Redundancy Funding