Water Treatment Plant, Well, and Disinfection System Replacement Project

Water Treatment Plant, Well and Disinfection System Replacement

Preliminary Engineering and Environmental Studies

Project Description

RAUCH inc. was selected to provide a preliminary engineering report with funding supplied by USDA to study best solutions for replacement upgrades to the Town’s water treatment plant, well and disinfection system. The proposed project seeks to correct water system deficiencies within the water distribution system serving the Town of Vienna and eliminate both realized and potential water quality and health issues facing the Town’s water supply.  The completed PER/ER report offered several recommendations.

Primarily, the two unconfined wells along Elliot Island Rd will be discontinued as new wells to service the Town will be located in a confined aquifer lower in iron and other contaminates which are proving to be serious impediments, requiring dosing to remediate the Town’s water. There are four aquifers ranging in depth from 250 to 500 feet which may prove to be a more suitable water source for the Town and would eliminate many of the current water quality issues. Two or three test wells are needed to investigate the yield and water quality of the intermediate aquifers.  The well location and aquifer source would be dependent on the water quality results from these test wells.

Next, the water treatment plant was recommended to be moved closer to town in order to accommodate a more uniform water treatment and dosing levels which will provide a more consistent water quality to the town. The water treatment plant best site would be relocated adjacent to the existing water tower within town limits as the Town currently owns the land parcel which would facilitate the relocation.

Lastly, the proposed water treatment plant will be outfitted with the necessary treatment equipment and chemical treatment systems to address the lesser contaminates in the water drawn from the new wells. Additionally, the control room within the new treatment plant would be separated from the treatment and filtration equipment by putting each aspect of the water treatment in a structurally separate room or separate but adjacent building.

The reports have been completed and all recommendations of these best alternatives have been provided to the town staff. RAUCH inc. applied for MDE WQRLF funding on behalf of the town, which was awarded in 2021.

Project Details

  • Dates of Service: 2020-21
  • Preliminary MDE Funding Award for project construction: $203,280 with potential future grant allocations.
  • Preliminary Engineering and Environmental Reports for Water Treatment Plant, Well and Disinfection System Replacements