Industrial Pre- Design Project

Aquacon, AS

Project Description

Provision of pre-design services for Civil, Environmental and MEP Engineering, Surveying and Architectural Services, for this planned 1.26M sf facility including 110,000 sf of re-use with wastewater treatment and 50,000 sf of office and employee amenities. Additional buildings planned include a maintenance building, and discharge pump station.

RAUCH inc. providing all pre-design for civil site services for site survey, verification of existing data, base sheet creation, documentation of existing facilities, annexation plat and drone imagery. RAUCH inc. civil engineers are working with the owner to create a site program, circulation and site access, and review of zoning and other regulations. Environmental services extend to soil testing, hydrogeological studies, wetlands and forest stand delineation plans as well as preliminary forest conservation and well quality and yield testing to develop a preliminary site plan. Construction and budget cost estimates have been developed. The RAUCH inc. architectural team has provided a preliminary building code study, concept plan design and programmatic meetings, and establishing costing and schedules. The MEP team has provided input on all system processes, initial interconnect agreements and schematic design, and design development mechanical plans. RAUCH inc. has provided preliminary design in most disciplines as well as permitting support, budgeting, site selection(s), preliminary power requirements, lighting, utility requirements, and security systems. Preliminary plans for fire protection and emergency water storage requirements have been developed.

Project Details

  • Date: 2019
  • Pre-Design services for Civil, Environmental and MEP Engineerings, and Surveying & Architectural Services
  • Worked with owner to create a site program, circulation and site access and review of zoning and other regulations