Pump Station and Well Improvements

Del Rhodes Avenue Pump Station and Well Improvements

Project Description

RAUCH inc provided design and construction management for the Del Rhodes Pumping Station and well building improvements. This Project also received MDE SFR loan funding. The project included the design of the well, upgrade of the well instrumentation for SCADA control, chlorination and site piping.

Completion of the well was done by a sole source contract with the contractor who completed the test well. The balance of the construction work was competitively bid. RAUCH provided design and contract documents for bidding and construction and approved by MDE. A water system model was completed and provided analysis of various operating scenarios related to alternating and concurrent well operation. This provided for balanced chlorination and adequate fire flow capacity at all locations in the distribution system.

Project Details

  • Dates: 2013-14
  • Description: Pump Station, Water System and Well Improvements