Renewable Energy Plant

Clean Bay Renewables

Project Description

Project planning services including engineering and architectural design for Clean Bay Renewables, Inc.  This project is a large scale industrial and agricultural project creating a 6MW renewable electricity plan with a nutrient recovery component that will generate energy fueled by methane production from the anaerobic digestion of poultry litter.   When completed, the plant will generate renewable electricity at scales that could support a small town or a large industrial operation.  The architectural component of the project includes the design of over 46,000 sf of buildings housing numerous complex systems and technologies. Multiple campuses will utilize anaerobic digestion technologies to provide enough renewable electricity to sustain its own parasitic needs and provide 9 megawatts of power to the existing grid, enough to power a small town. In addition, the facility will provide over 10,000 tons of fertilizer pellets and 10,000 tons of a soil amendment product yearly to consumers nationwide. This system is 100% closed and capable of recycling the entire feedstock delivered daily.

Project Details

  • Project Budget per facility: $35-50M
  • Date: Completion expected in 2028
  • Engineering and Architectural pre-design services