Living Shoreline and Recreational  Project

Little Queenstown Creek Living Shoreline

Project Description

RAUCH inc. provided Design, as well as Construction Management and Inspection services for this DNR Open Space funded project consisting of a one-mile long living shoreline creation and installation along the shores of Queenstown Creek off of Skipjack Cove Lane, adjacent to the town’s wastewater treatment plant. The project provided neighborhood beautification, recreational opportunities with a kayak launch, and nutrient removal to the creek, meeting near-term Watershed Improvement Plan (WIP) goals. Plans called for a “mud sill design” bordered by cabled logs, measuring 36″ x 15′ lined with a jute blanket which secured native salt marsh species.  This application served to dissipate wave action along the westerly 800 ft. fetch and act as a sieve to increase reduction of silt and sediment deposits in water column by abatement of pollutants from stormwater runoff, thus improving habitat heterogenity.

Project Details

  • Dates of Service: 2019
  • Design, Construction Management and Inspection Services
  • Living Shoreline creation