Water System Infrastructure Upgrades

Water Tower Installation and Water System Upgrades

Project Description

RAUCH inc. assisted the town in applying for and award of MDE funding to construct improvements to the Town water system to improve service and safety demands. The Town is planning to  construct a new 300,000-gallon potable water storage facility. The proposed tank will continue to utilize the existing water tower as part of the Town water system. The project will create a redundancy in the current system. A new well and water disinfection system are proposed as part of the proposed tower installation. A disinfected water source pumped directly to the tower assures a safe water source of consistent quality. As part of the awarded design contract to RAUCH inc., several locations in the Town are being explored for best service connections to existing mains; preliminary hydrology and other investigations are currently being conducted.

A new treatment plant will replace outdated controls, be housed on the proposed site and tie-in to the newly proposed well to create synergies between the systems.  The new treatment plant will provide a more efficient and higher quality method of water treatment compared to the existing operation of direct chlorine injection into a standpipe. In addition, the increased water volume from the new well will require an increased capacity to treat the new higher water volume. The new treatment system will provide higher treatment capacity, higher treatment quality, and a fully integrated and synergistic treatment system for the proposed water system upgrade.

Project Details

  • Dates of Service: 2019-2022
  • Survey, Design, Construction Management, Inspection and Resident Project Representation Services
  • Water Infrastructure Upgrades